Saturday, August 2, 2008

Epping Mobil gets drive-thru window

The photos above showing the crash were supplied by the Epping Police Department.

Has anyone noticed the boarded up front store window at the Mobil on the Run on Route 125 in Epping this week?

Apparently on Thursday a pickup truck operated by a teenager from a local masonry company attempted to park in front of the store, but he told police that the gas pedal stuck. Oops! He ended up jumping the curb and crashing into the front window, sending shards of glass flying into the store near the front counter where store clerk Barbara George of Brentwood was working. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Just imagine what would have happened had someone been walking on the curb in front of the store when the truck came charging forward. I get gas at that Mobil all the time, but luckily at the time of the crash I was down the road bicycling with the kids to Walgreens to get some soda for a soda geyser experiment, you know, the one you've seen on YouTube where you drop Mento candies into the soda bottle and it creates a 25-foot geyser. Well guess what, our experiment fizzled out...literally. More on that later with a photo of the big flop.

In the meantime, check your gas pedals to make sure there's nothing sticky.

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