Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cell phone's got me buzzing

OK, so I'm starting to freak out over the dangers of using my cell phone. I keep hearing more and more about the cancer risk, and the more I hear the more I'm getting worried. Now I know I tend to overreact every time a new study comes out. Just ask my wife. She's had to learn to live with my doom and gloom attitude. I always blame it on all the heartwrenching stories I've had to write about diseases over the years.

In any case, a few months ago I was watching Larry King and he had some experts on who were talking about cell phone dangers and how there have been no concrete studies done yet linking cancer and cell phone use, but that over time studies will eventually show that there is a connection. The cell phone is still a relatively new device, so it might take another 10 years before we know whether it really carries a risk. The studies need to be done over a longer period of time.
To support my fears, a prominent doctor at a cancer research center recently warned all of his staff about the dangers in a memo. Check out the story here:

After watching the recently Larry King interview, I rushed right out the next day to buy a headset. That worked great, but it was a pain trying to haul it out and get set up every time someone called. Then I forgot the thing was in my pants' pocket and it went through the washing machine two weeks later. I ran out and got another one, but after a week the microphone that hangs off the headset snapped off. So now I'm sticking to the speakerphone, which is OK when I'm in a private place, but I don't enjoy having the entire world listening to my interviews and chit-chats if the call happens to come when I'm in a public place.

After my bad experiences with headsets, I'm now left wondering how to safely use my phone. If you've got any ideas, I'm all ears!

Meantime, if you want another reason to worry, check out this insane video showing how the radiation from cell phones can pop kernels of popcorn. This is sickening and another reason to keep that phone away from your ear.

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Cammie said...

Hi Jason,

Cammie here. I just wanted to put your mind maybe a little at ease. The pop corn thing really freaked me out when I watched it too! Greg said we should contact the show Myth Busters to see if they would figure it out. I went to their site, and it seems as though it's a very popular topic! However, it appears that it was a viral advertisement for Cardo Systems (they manufacture Blue Tooth headsets!). The CEO swears it wasn't meant to scare consumers into buying their products; yeah right! Anyways, being a near hypochondriac myself, I too have been weary of what my cell phone is doing to my brain but I hope knowing it doesn't pop popcorn helps you sleep a little better :)