Monday, July 21, 2008

Fremont residents on lookout for bear cub

Here's the mama bear, as seen in Kingston two weeks ago.

For those of you in Fremont who've been following the progress of a mama bear and her cub in the news, take a peek in your might just find the little guy. I hear Goldilocks is on the prowl as well.

Seriously though, I got a call from the Fremont animal control officer late last week who told me that the bear cub was seen in the area of North Road, Tavern Road and Lynette Lane. That means the mama bear probably isn't too far behind.
It's most likely the same cub that's been wandering around Kingston with his mama trailing behind. The bears caused quite a stir in Kingston, though they've been tame and haven't hurt anyone. So no worries. Just enjoy them from a distance if you see them, and don't forget to clap and sing...that's the best advice I learned when camping in Bear Country. Clapping and singing lets the bear know you're around, and they'll eventually scurry away. Maybe you can even create your very own bear cheer with the kids.

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