Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Black bear tries to let cub go; heads toward Brentwood and Fremont

I've had a few posts on the black bear sightings in Kingston last week, and today I uncovered some interesting stuff about just what authorities think is going on with this big mama bear.

It turns out that a mother and cub are running around the area, but not together. Fish and Game officials think a mother bear is trying to get her cub to become independent so that he can begin living on his own. However, she hasn't cut him loose completely. She's let him go, but she's keeping her eye on him from a distance. Kingston cops told me today that every time they get a report about the cub being spotted somewhere, a short time later the mother shows up after the cub has already gone. It sounds as if she's tracking him to make sure he's OK.

The last time the bears were spotted was on Friday. They were apparently heading north on Route 107 into Brentwood and Fremont, so for those of you living there, you've been warned. But don't freak out. I'm told they're pretty calm and they don't seem to be on the hunt for human flesh, at least not yet.

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