Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rescuing lifeguards are revealed

I must apologize for failing to identify the lifeguard in the photo I posted Sunday after the skydiver was rescued during a skydiving demonstration by Skydive New England over Hampton Beach. My story was posted on the New Hampshire Union Leader's Web site, http://www.unionleader.com/, and several people wanted to know who the lifeguards were. Actually, it seems the women who commented were more interested in being rescued by hunky lifeguards.

I have since learned that there were three lifeguards involved in this rescue. The lifeguard in my photo, which, by the way, appeared last night on WMUR-TV, was Nick Africano. He managed to find my blog and posted a comment explaining what happened. Here's what he had to say.
"It's awesome you were there to catch that story and great timing with the picture. I want to give some credit to the guards who got to him well before I did. When he landed in the water two guards swam out for him, Dan Ryan and Pat Murphy. They made first contact and made sure he was OK until I got to him with a rescue board."

Thanks for providing more details, Nick. There was such a large crowd on the beach that I lost sight of the rescuing lifeguards as I was trying to interview the skydiver. With deadline approaching, I had to rush to get the story done and the photo sent in, so I didn't have time to track down the lifeguards that night. Hopefully I'll be able to follow up with them to give them proper credit in the newspaper.

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